Fresh made mini donuts, Italian Ice, and artisan lemonade onsite or at your event!
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About Detroit Mini Donut

Karen Hudson and Karla Willis are co-owners of Detroit Mini Donut which is 100% owned and operated women and minority owned business. Detroit girls at heart - with a “failure is not an option” attitude, These girls will get the job done!

It is of utmost importance to both of ladies, that Detroit Mini Donut be a positive driving force in helping bring back the city of Detroit. They envision using Detroit Mini Donut as a vehicle to mentor local aspiring entrepreneurs with an emphasis on inner city youth and women in particular.

Our Beginning

Day 1 of Detroit Mini Donut
We have so many memories and stories to tell, and have wanted to share them but haven't had the time to do it in almost 8 years.

While looking at some of our old photos I started smiling and wanted to share this memory with you all.

We got our first trailer July 23, 2014. The call went like this...

Karen: "You busy, I'm on my way to get you."

Karla: "Where are we going?"

Karen: "To get a donut trailer"

Karla: "What?!"

(as we share stories, you will notice one of us saying "what?!" to the other as a continuous thing)

And we were off, getting a trailer that we knew nothing about in a van that probably shouldn't have been able to pull it but did anyway.
In this photo is our first big job with the trailer. Dlectricity, Sept, 2014! We didn't know what to expect, but we were excited and it exceeded our expectations. People were parking on the street who weren't even at the event to run up and get donuts from us because our lights were so bright we could be seen from 37.5 miles away.

Some of my favorite things about this photo:

- I'm (Karla) actually in it, but you can't see me because the lights are so bright, which is why I posted it.

- The van in front was the Astro van. Everytime I see one now I get a lump in my throat, we wouldn't have been able to do what we did without that little van.

Karen sold the van for what she paid for it. Talk about a good investment!

- The black Mercury Sable behind the trailer was mine. Barbara Brittain Hayball used to laugh at me when we worked Allen Park Farmers Market because I managed to have my son, a big air compressor, a lemonade smasher, ice chest, chairs, tables, lemons and the rest of my setup in that car.

Many things have changed since this photo but we wouldn't change any part of this journey...especially the Astro.